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Career Research

Use our step by step guides to help with your job search

Manage your activity and never miss a deadline through our tasks & activities management tool

Research prospective employers and be prepared for your interview through DnB analytics

Keep track of your events, interviews and coaching sessions through our online calendar

Resume Management

Easily create your resume in as many formats as you like through our online resume builder

Upload your own resume and easily apply for your preferred jobs

Get tips and learn essential skills through our resume writing resources, or use one of our ready made templates through our online mailer 

Track your resume and the number of views through online resume management tool

Psychometric Assessment

Know your motivations, focus your interests and get direction through personality & career preference assessments

Understand your working style and the working style of your colleagues, to integrate quickly and seamlessly into a new culture.

Define your values and establish priorities

Take 5 and identify your strengths and have the best answer ready for those tough “tell me about yourself” interview questions

Job Search Management

Learn about job search techniques from various online resources

Configure your job preferences, search multiple job boards and easily apply with any of your ready made resumes

Track and manage your opportunities and interviews through the opportunities management tool and online calendar

Stay on top of the market, research prospective employers through DnB analytics

Interview Training

Gain valuable insights into types of interviews styles and techniques

Learn how to respond and prepare your answers to behavioural and situational based questions through online resources

Set up customised interviews and practice online through state of the art online video interview tool

Develop your contract negotiation skills


Build your network through the entire job search process

Manage your contacts through the online contact management tool

Integrate your LinkedIn to work seamlessly across both platforms

Learn networking essentials and best practice and unlock new opportunities that you might not find on job search engines

Personal Branding & Social Media

Learn about personal branding, define your brand and develop essential presentation skills

Create or improve your social media presence with assistance from our Coaches

Learn how to utilise your social media platforms and have them working for you to create more opportunities

Integrate Into Your New Role

Integrate smoothly into your new role and culture with tips and suggestions of industry best practices

Learn to evaluate your working style, personality, values & the working style of your colleagues to fit into your new workplace from the very beginning

Get post placement support from our Coaches who can help every step of the way


Need a little more? No problem! Request custom telephone, face to face or conference style coaching sessions

Keep your Coach in the loop and get pre & post interview tips

Need a little extra practice? Run your interview responses by your Coach for honest feedback and suggestions

Customisation – For Enterprise

Fully customisable campaigns and packages to suit your project

Run multiple campaigns and programs simultaneously

Give it your own look and feel with custom employer branding

Available in multiple languages

Career Research & Planning

With a third of your life spent at work, making the right career move is critical to ensuring long term success and satisfaction.

Assess & Define

If you do something you love, it doesn’t feel like ‘work’! Evaluate your strengths, define your values, career preference and unlock new possibilities through industry-leading psychometric assessments. Make your next move, the right move!

Practice Makes Perfect

You can’t act in a role without practising the script! Know what to ask, and how to answer. Then practice online, as many times as you like.

Do something you love

Get direction with Career Compass!