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Acquire critical knowledge and work skills to help you succeed in today’s ever changing work environment

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Get to know yourself better than you thought you could, through industry best psychometric career assessments

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Build confidence through comprehensive training, and define your value proposition

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Discover new possibilities and make informed decisions about the direction of your career

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Utilise state of art resume building tools, and improve your personal brand and social media presence to stand out from the crowd

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Improve your chances of landing that dream role through online video interview training and job search management tools

% of your life is spent at work
% of jobs are not posted online
% of organisations use social media to hire
is the number of applications that make it to interview

How we spend our days, is how we spend our lives…

For many of us, a large portion of our days is spent at work. In fact, the average person will spend a third of their life working. So it’s safe to say that a person’s job and career can make a huge impact on their quality of life.

Proactive career development and career transition has a profound influence on an individual’s long term career success and satisfaction.

Investing in self development is crucial to ensuring this success, and career coaching is one of the ways you can achieve this.

Customisable Career Coaching

For decades career transition and outplacement support has looked pretty much the same. Career coaching, resume support, networking advice, and interview preparation were the standard, wrapped up in pre-determined programs, defined by employee hierarchy, time and price. Being less about the best outcomes for the individual.

To meet market demands for self-directed career development activities, we developed Career Compass, the online career coaching and transition platform that is structured, integrated and comprised of a fully configurable set of tools to help you facilitate every aspect of career development, and take control of it’s direction.

Career Compass empowers you to make the right career move through resources you need to succeed in your next role.

Career Compass doesn’t just assist with resume preparation, it’s your end to end career planning platform that supports your journey into a new career and beyond.

Career Compass enables you to take charge of your career, and get the direction you need through comprehensive online resources, online resume builder, essential job search techniques and management tools, and video interview platform, all to help you step into your next role in as little time as possible!


We understand people, and your career is our business. Whether you are an active job seeker, returning to the workforce, or seeking something completely new, Career Compass can help.

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Resume building, interview training, job search management, career direction, networking, coaching. It doesn’t matter what stage of the journey you are, Career Compass is your number 1 tool to give you the direction you need.

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 Fun, interactive, and easy to use, Career Compass is your end to end career planning platform, supporting you on every step of your career path. Get the direction you need with Career Compass.

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What our clients say

I have found your coaching very informative and the insights to developing a frame work to show my skills and attributes are of a high standard. Your patience and understanding are to be highly commended. I can say with certainty that I have gained a better understanding of what is required in this ever changing market. I would recommend, especially your abilities to anyone seeking similar needs moving forward.- Wade
The Interview went well and they have offered me the job! Thank you for all the coaching.- Accounting Candidate
It was a great coaching session!- Josephine